Monday, 20 January 2014

Welcome to InvisiblePinkCards

It was inevitable that a combined food and papercraft blog would eventually result in two separate blogs. That has been the idea from the start. My food and crafting hobbies don't progress with the same speed. Sometimes I go through phases where I only want to craft and aren't very interested in experimenting with new recipes. Other times I don't have any cards of the day available although I have a backlog of recipes to publish. And now that I have started to play with the idea to enter some of my cards into challenges, it feels weird to have a recipe in the same blog post.

So this is the result, a completely separate blog for my attempts at crafting. Most of it will be cards, but there might be some other crafty stuff showing up sooner or later. Or maybe not, we will see. My inspiration with writing my little blogs is to keep a record of what I have been achieving. And of archiving the recipes I try. And of course, to keep my Mum up to date with what is going on in my life. It's hard to have your family so far away. At least this way those of my family and friends who want to know what is going on inside my head and in my life have a chance to do so. And hopefully the blog will find it's way to other readers as well eventually. If not, just doing my crafts and writing these little blog posts makes me happy and like I accomplish something, and that is the most important thing.

So far, my attempts at creating cards have been displayed on InvisiblePinkFood, but in the future they will all be here on this blog. You can also find all my cards on my Pinterest board, and I will keep posting any new creations there as well. Below are some of my favourites from old posts (clicking on the image will link to the blog post). I hope you will like my attempts at crafting and maybe get some ideas from my cards.


Tuija Raaseporista said...

Onnea uudelle blogille! Taas uutta seurattavaa:)

Pink Unicorn said...

Kiitos kiitos! Arvelinkin etta saatat olla blogin ensimmainen seuraaja :)