Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Bullet Journal Planning

I'm really behind with all that cool kids stuff. I hadn't even heard of a bullet journal until recently, although I'm sure y'all are already sick and tired of hearing of them. I first read about bullet journals on Shutterbean (which is an all around great blog, I warmly recommend, the photos and Friday "I love lists" are just fab). Anyhow, I have been thinking for quite a while that I would like to keep some sort of light diary, not a "Dear Diary" type of thing, but something where I would jot down a few lines every evening. Ok, so I can't quite imagine I will be able to do it quite every evening, but to be fair I did keep a nightly happiness journal for quite a while when I was going through a rough patch a while ago. So whereas I'm not planning to use the Bullet Journal to keep track of my tasks or as a work diary (I already arrange my work stuff digitally and can't imagine going back to analog). But I think I could adapt this bullet journal thing to be a bit of a combination of a journal, diary and art journal. And to improve my handwriting and doodling skills. 

Anyhow, I would of course have wanted to start immediately with my journal. But I couldn't get my hands on a good quality journal so I had to turn to Ebay and am now keeping my fingers crossed it will arrive speedily as it was luckily despatched several hours ago. If not tomorrow, I'm hoping it will arrive on Friday so I can get started while I'm still on A/L. So for now I had to settle for doing a plan of what I want in my bullet journal. I made a spread in my art journal with ideas so that I remember what I was planning to do once I get my journal. 

I feel like this could be a good way of being a bit more creative, both with doodling and with getting back to writing a bit from time to time. I only ordered a small notebook to start with, an A6 size and I decided I will use this until the end of the year to see how I feel about the whole bullet journalling thing. If I like it, I will then go into next year with a larger notebook or possibly just forget all about it. We'll see. But for now I'm really excited.

I have started a pinterest board with inspiration here. A few great blogs I came across are 
Bullet Journal  (the official website)
Tiny Ray of Sunshine
Boho Berry (there is a great series of videos called Bullet Journal 101 here)

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